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About Our Courses

Finally, due to the continuing efforts to develop our training methods, we have come up with a new E-learning project called CBTzone, which helps course instructing become free of all timely and spatiality constraints, so that everyone can get what they need of I.T related courses anywhere and anytime.
A new educational age has come and with it, came the elimination of distances and ease of communication.
CTS chose to embark upon this new age by establishing "CBTzone ", the first company in the Arab region to embrace the E-learning technology, which is the result of the evolution and advancement of learning techniques, offering people an easy access to any educational material throughout the globe, not to mention, giving people the choice, WHEN & WHERE to access these materials.
CBTzone exploits the E-learning technology in an effective and unique way, by offering Training Videos for the most popular international I.T certificates on CDs in Arabic language.
Finally, CBTzone's products support both individual and group (schools, universities, companies…) training, by offering single products for individuals and multi-licensed products for groups.