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Happy New Year

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Running Global Web-Site Project

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MOICT Training Agreement

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CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker version 7 has arrived)

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Nowadays, software solutions and business requirements connected in a very integrated way, requirements are ever evolving and it is becoming imperative for the businesses to implement correct architecture in their software solutions to accommodate more customers, reduce development cycles, paper daily work and risks to minimum.


CTS has a rich experience in "off the shelf" products and custom application development. We have talented and experienced consulting and development team that understands the markets and client business and builds a solution that optimally fits in their businesses.


1-      TCMS: Training Center Management System

The objective of this product is to develop a system that control and handle the daily manual paper work in the training centers and to make it result oriented.

The application will provide a very secure, reliably, high quality system with different layers of permissions to control the data access, it is build of three main sections to manage; the students, courses, and the revenue which allow the user to handle his daily work easly with an efficeince search and managment systems this system also allows the user to check on the statues of his training system from any where through the net.



2-      CRS: Car Rental System

The objective of this product is to enhance the renting system and to make it more interactive and result oriented, best suited the needs of the a rental company.

The application will provide a very secure, friendly interface, high quality system with a database of all the needed data containing the customers archive and all thier voucher and contracts in addtion to all the cars data and renting information which are organized in a very hand way which allow the user to search and and retrive the data he needs effictivly, in addtion to a revenue and balance system, all these features just in one software which you can access from anywhere but only by you.